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BarrelBlok- Train Safely & Realistically

BarrelBlok- Safety Defined, Training Perfected


BarrelBlok and RifleBlok were designed and developed for D.R.A.W. School training courses to make firearms training safe without sacrificing realism or inducing training scars. BarrelBlok is a patented, two-piece training aid that serves two purposes. First, it blocks and prevents the introduction of live ammunition into the chamber. A visual indicator shows that the firearm is safe. Second, the magazine inserts, called MagBlok, prevent the slide from locking to the rear on an empty magazine. This duplicates your firearm's mechanical functioning as if it had real ammunition in it. This means that all functions and malfunctions can be safely and realistically duplicated in a training environment.  


BarrelBlok has been changing the way law enforcement officers and agencies all over the world train with their firearms. From police academies to active shooter training, BarrelBlok is in use by more local, state and federal agencies than any other firearms safety device. The unique safety aspects of BarrelBlok allow for safe and effective training in a 360º environment, whether in a classroom, on the range or conducting scenario-based training. This means that officers can, with complete confidence, know that their firearm is 100% safe while increasing feel and realism. This added familiarization vastly improves firearms handling skills and performance. 


BarrelBlok is available in all popular handgun calibers (.380 Auto, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP and 357 Sig) and RifleBlok is available in .223 Rem/5.56 NATO for rifles and carbines. The 308 RifleBlok will be launched in mid-2019.  A BarrelBlok is included for FREE in the Online Training Courses. Law enforcement agency quantity discounts are available. Click the button below to visit BarrelBlok's official website.

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