Law Enforcement Firearms Training

D.R.A.W. School Handgun Training

R. Bemis

"Of all the training I have undertaken in the last 25 years, this is the best and most productive of the lot. I am more proud and pleased with having completed D.R.A.W. School than any other I have taken."  

K. Chao

"D.R.A.W. School opened my eyes to how outdated the training I received and continue to teach really is! I recognized how impractical many of the "traditional" training techniques in law enforcement really are."  

J. Byrne

"D.R.A.W. School has been a blast! I have learned more due to the D.R.A.W. method. This has definitely been the most challenging, yet satisfying, firearms course in my six years of military and seven years of law enforcement experience."

D.R.A.W.- Drawing, Reloading and Aiming of Weapons

D.R.A.W. School handgun training started in early 2013 as a 4-hour course designed to teach officers how to draw their handgun from a Level III holster and get on target in under one second. From there, it quickly grew into a multi-phase course to meet the specific needs of law enforcement firearms training. Special focus was also given to the unique challenges that many female officers face and how to overcome them. 

With help from US Olympic doctors and world-class trainers, D.R.A.W. School handgun training has grown into a multi-faceted program that continues to define and redefine how law enforcement firearms training is conducted. From academy training to in-service training, D.R.A.W. School handgun training meets and exceeds state and federal training requirements and can be inserted into any training regime. The unique stair-step training methodology has been used by countless officers and instructors to increase their skill level far beyond what they thought possible.

Combined with the design and development of the patented BarrelBlok safety and training aid, the vast majority of firearms training can be conducted and duplicated in a dry-fire classroom setting with 100% safety, 100% realism and zero training scars. This gives officers the ability to receive the incredible benefits of training anytime. 


Don't Just Train With Your Handgun, Master Your Handgun!

Mastering the Basics


Module 1 teaches officers how the brain and body function and how to work within those parameters to increase speed and accuracy.

Mastering Reloading


Module 2 trains officers on the fastest way to reload their firearm, from empty to back on target with incredible speed. 

Mastering Malfunctions


Module 3  shows officers how to quickly identify and clear malfunctions. New techniques increase clearance speed.

Mastering Incapacitation


Module 4 trains officers how to master every function of their handgun while using their primary or secondary hand only.

Mastering the Ground


Urban environments can be challenging. Learning to shoot from various points of elevation is thoroughly covered in Module 5.

Continual Development


D.R.A.W. School is in continuous development to bring the best firearms training to the men and women who serve our communities.

*All in-person and online D.R.A.W. School training courses are for sworn law enforcement officers and instructors, law enforcement affiliated college training programs, military, NRC security teams and other armed professionals only. Credentials will be required to have access to these courses. To find out if you or your organization qualify to attend or subscribe, please send your request via contact page.