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Law Enforcement
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D.R.A.W. School Firearms Training has quickly become the trusted source of agencies across the country to help officers achieve phenomenal firearms training results. The instructor training schools have also become one of the most sought after development courses nationwide, and are POST-approved in multiple states. D.R.A.W. School uses proven training methods to increase the quality and retention of firearms handling and shooting skills. From unique, one-of-a-kind training curriculums to patented BarrelBlok training tools that improve the realism and safety  of training, D.R.A.W. School is at the forefront of law enforcement firearms training. With the introduction of the Online Training System, D.R.A.W. School is now available 24-7 for agencies and officers!


D.R.A.W. School firearms training courses are based on simple learning methodologies that allow officers to quickly learn and build vital skills that can be immediately put to use. Gone are the days of officers only getting a few hours of in-service firearms training and a couple of qualifications each year. D.R.A.W. School keeps officers engaged on a continual basis year-round, which means skill, performance levels  and qualification scores are much higher and remain consistent.  The D.R.A.W. School format is highly effective, yet it is cost-effective, even for budget-strapped departments. Whether officers are being trained by certified instructors or training through the Online Training System, their confidence, speed, accuracy and focus will increase exponentially!    


New! Online Firearms Training System

While D.R.A.W. School has gained the praise of law enforcement officers and instructors across the country, we simply could not accommodate all of the requests for in-person training and instructor courses nationwide. To ensure that all officers have access to this live-saving, one-of-a-kind firearms training, D.R.A.W. School is proud to announce the release of the D.R.A.W. School Handgun training course  available on the all new Online Training System. Learn how this innovative on-demand training system is changing how law enforcement officers train everyday!

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*All in-person and online D.R.A.W. School training courses are for sworn law enforcement officers and instructors, law enforcement-affiliated college training programs, military, NRC security teams and other armed professionals only. Credentials will be required to have access to these courses. To find out if you or your organization qualify to attend or subscribe, please send your request via contact page.