Law Enforcement Firearms Training

Hosting Guidelines for D.R.A.W. School Instructor Courses


Hosting an Instructor Training Course

Each year we receive many requests from departments all over the country to host an instructor training course. While we wish it were possible to accommodate each request, we make decisions based on a number of requirements to make sure the course serves as many departments in a general region as possible. Listed below are a few of the requirements that will help departments to determine if their location is a good fit for hosting a DSIT course. Organizations that wish to host a department/agency only training for their personnel should contact D.R.A.W. School at 704-935-4433 Ext. 801.


Location, Location, Location

The first requirement is your location. Not only should the training venue be located where it can serve a large number of departments in a given region, it must be close to hotel accommodations, restaurants, shopping and entertainment.  Depending on the region served, the overall location should be easy to access and also close to a major airport for students flying in. Please keep in mind the weather conditions anticipated for the dates you are wanting to host.


Training Venue and Range

The training venue should have the classroom and the firearms range within the same facility to preventing driving back and forth. The classroom should have full audio/video hook-ups with a large screen TV or overhead projector. The classroom should be large enough or close to a room that can be used for practical exercises. The range should be large enough to allow between 8-16 shooters on the line at a time (indoor or outdoor). A good assortment of barriers and barricades are required. The range surface should be well-maintained and have a covered area for shade.   


Regional Reach

In addition to location above, D.R.A.W. School designates training locations based on the "reach" of the training locations region. Venues that are generally located in a region that is central to a greater number of departments is preferred. This allows DSIT to allow as many instructor candidates as possible to  attend without the need for extensive travel and/or accommodations.  In some instances, the venue may be a privately owned venue that serves regional law enforcement training needs. 


Needed Information

When making a request, please submit it to and include the following:

  • Name of your agency and Point of Contact
  • General time frame your agency would like to host
  • Address of the training venue and/or range
  • Pictures of the classroom, DT room/gym and the range
  • Specs on the size of the range and equipment available
  • Local accommodations and amenities that are applicable 

*All in-person and online D.R.A.W. School training courses are for sworn law enforcement officers and instructors, law enforcement affiliated college training programs, military, NRC security teams and other armed professionals only. Credentials will be required to have access to these courses. To find out if you or your organization qualify to attend or subscribe, please send your request via contact page.