Law Enforcement Firearms Training

Online Handgun Training

Learn the science and techniques that help you increase your speed, accuracy and control and with your handgun. 

Handgun Training

Online Rilfe Training

Arriving in late spring, this course will help you seamlessly integrate the use of your patrol rifle into your firearms training regimen.  

Coming Late Spring

Online Shotgun Training

Used for decades and still a staple in law enforcement, this course brings a new understanding to this old favorite. 

Coming Late Summer

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Innovation, Not Tradition

The world is quickly changing but law enforcement firearms training has not been able to keep pace. Our mission is to ensure that every law enforcement officer has access to regular, progressive firearms training that increases their speed, accuracy and mental focus in high-stress, dynamic situations with the goal of increasing officer survivability.   

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Instructor-Led Online Training

Responsible for the development of D.R.A.W. School and designer  of BarrelBlok, Jason Speller has vastly improved how officers and departments across the country regularly train with their firearms. He now brings his teaching style to the courses offered on the new Online Training System. Speller has trained officers and instructors from coast-to-coast with phenomenal results.

Online Instructor

Training Safely- Training Effectively

Since its inception, BarrelBlok has been a game-changer in law enforcement firearms training. In use around the world, agencies use BarrelBlok to increase the safety, effectiveness and realism of training, while allowing officers to train with their duty firearm. Instructors praise BarrelBlok for the ability to safely and confidently train in a 360º realistic environment.


Online handgun Training Course

Step 11- Part 3- Physical & Mental Balance Quiz Questions

Before you begin watching Lesson 3, please print off the Quiz Questions. Click the PDF file below and print off.

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